Birthday Hangover

Posted on June 11th, 2008 by Jean

I’m a little hung-over. We went out last night to celebrate my birthday early. One of our friends had arranged to take us, but then had to cancel last minute. Tom and I still went. The friend comped us $150 towards the meal.
We had about 5 minutes to kill before dinner, so we sat down to gamble. I hit 4 Aces for $100!

Dinner was GREAT, and Tom was so much FUN!
I put a flower behind my ear.

Tom put a flower behind his ear.

We drank.

Tom licked my face.

Oh, here’s Chris, our server. I told him I’d blog about him. I don’t know why he’s blurry… hiccup!

Let’s see… oh ya! The food!

We had steak & lobster, calamari, escargot, and oysters.
Anyone know how to cure a hang-over?

Another Vegas Photoblog ~ Paris

Posted on January 30th, 2008 by Jean

Sunday Sunny and I made it to Vegas by early afternoon. We had a BEAUTIFUL room at the Paris hotel & casino.

Here’s a picture of the Tower from our window.

That’s Bellagio across the street.
Nice beds, nice armoire, NICE MINI-BAR!!!!

I like mini bars.
We trekked (no pun intended) over to the Hilton to check out the Star Trek Experience.

The museum features more than 200 Star Trek items, including these beauties…

Recognize some of these props?
The Klingon Encounter was fun, but broke down in the middle of our experience! The shuttle malfunctioned, and we had to evacuate and return to the Captain’s Bridge. Everyone was supposed to stay in the designated area, but we pretty much ran amuck.

The little trekkies were telling people to not take pictures, get out of their seats, stop leaning on the furniture, stop pushing buttons!
It didn’t help matters that the rides let out at Quarks Bar.

We heard a few chants for Romulan Ale! Romulan Ale!
Drunk bastards. LOL!!
After enjoying the rides, we checked out the Hilton gift shops. I fell in love with this adorable Fuzzy Couture hat, but not the price tag of $65.00.

But I found it today on ebay, and snatched it up for $29.00! Wahoo!!

Sunny bought a gorgeous ring! These lucite rings I found on are similar, but not as striking as hers.

Sunday evening, we enjoyed the comedians at the Tropicana’s Comedy Stop. John Roy was hilarious!!

Check out his MySpace Profile to see a clip of his performance on the Tonight Show last week!
After the show, we made our way back to our hotel and our room.
That concludes Day 1.