My Life – Part 3

Posted on March 15th, 2008 by Jean

My Life ~ Part 1

My Life ~ Part 2
This is it, Part 3. This is so difficult for me to write, but I started the story and must continue.
After 2 years living on the road, George realized we would never own a home again unless he returned to work.
At this time, a few airport towers were being managed by civilians. George was accepted as an employee at the tower in Appleton, Wisconsin.
We rented a U-Haul truck, got all of our furniture out of storage, put George’s car on the tow-dolly, and we headed down the road. I drove the motorhome across country, from California to Wisconsin, and he drove the rental truck.
In Appleton, we put the RV in storage, and rented an apartment. George worked, and I stayed home. I was isolated. True, I had been isolated on the road, but here I was totally stranded. I was depressed. I rarely got dressed, and spent most the day on the couch, curled up with my cat.
I also began having the desire to become a mom.
My husband flew back to Sacramento and reversed his vasectomy. He didn’t want to become a father again at this stage of his life, but if I wanted to be a mother, he would help.
We tried, for a full year, to no avail.
The year was up in Wisconsin, and we were transferred to Bullhead City, Arizona. Yes, we’d do 1 year of cold weather if we could then transfer to a hot climate.
George worked, and I sat in our motorhome at an RV park. My only friend in this town was one of George’s co-workers, Gita. Boy did we have some fun! But Gita had to go on to bigger & better things (hello, San Diego).
George and I bought a manufactured home in a small, rural town about 20 miles south of Bullhead. Just a few months into our house payments, George was fired for insubordination. He had falsified his time cards, and refused to follow his boss’s orders. Days prior to his termination, his boss had told him to no longer carry his gun onto the airport property. I think his boss knew he had a short fuse too.
So, here we are with a mortgage. Now what?
I returned to the workforce.
This was my saving grace, getting back out into public.
I was quickly hired as a bank teller in town. While I worked, George sat at home. With no job, he began each day with brandy & wine again.
My Life ~ Part 4
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