California Vacation ~ Part 2

Posted on October 23rd, 2010 by Jean

There’s a large, prestine park near my parents’ home, so after a delicious breakfast at Huckleberrys, we all took a walk with Grandma and Papa to exert some energy and enjoy a little more bonding time.

Then we were off to Six Flags Discovery Kingdom in Vallejo. It used to be Marine World, and is an aquarium, zoo and theme-park. If you go, buy your tickets online. Adults pay kids’ rate. It’s also worth the extra $5 for premium parking reducing your trek to the entrance.
It’s impossible to cover all that ground in one afternoon, so we stuck to the zoo and kiddie rides.

Lunch was ridiculously expensive. The “special” at the Beachside Burger Shack was four burgers, four fries and four sodas for $44.

Tom and I had guacamole burgers, and with the kids’ chicken baskets, our total came to around $50.
A highlight of the day was watching this young adult tiger eating meat treats in his very own swimming pool.

After five hours, we were more than happy to return to our hotel and crash in our beds. Tom got up to retrieve us a pizza from the restaurant next door. Food tastes so much better when you are completely exhausted.
We slept soundly, and awoke to a beautiful morning for travel. Our flight was scheduled for noon, so after packing and checking out, we met Mom and Dad at my brother’s house to say our good byes. I hope we don’t let another three years pass before our next visit.
• Do you pay the exorbitant dining rates at amusement parks?
• Aquarium, zoo, or theme park ~ which is your favorite?
• Can you identify the animal in the bottom row of the Rides & Zoo collage?

To view our youngest daughter’s fondest memories of the trip, visit my guest post at The Mama Mary Show.

Giant, Kid-Friendly Photoblog

Posted on March 5th, 2008 by Jean

Yesterday I took Natalie and Pearl to Build•A•Bear in Henderson, Nevada (about 9 miles south of Vegas). My parents had sent them money to be used on this shopping spree.
When you walk into the store, you are greeted by a wall of stuffed and unstuffed animals.

Once you choose your animal, you can select sounds for it. The sounds are slipped down into the paws, and then the stuffing is added.

Natalie adds stuffing to her St. Patty’s Day bear.

Pearl adds stuffing to her white/pink bear.
Before the bears are stitched closed, there’s a cute little heart ceremony.

Rub the heart on your forehead for brains, on your cheeks for smiles, or your nose for the heck of it (I don’t remember), spin around twice and blow.
The new bears received an air bath.

Dresses & accessories were selected.

The bears were named, ID’d, and presented with birth certificates.

Alison and India
Building bears makes you work up an appetite! We found a Chuck•E•Cheese down the street. It was deserted, so the kids and I had the run of it!

While waiting for our delicious *ahem* pepperoni pizza to bake, the kids played…



plus Drove

and Drove

and Danced around the empty joint.

Bass Pro Shop
What the heck is the Bass Pro Shop doing in this story? Well, I had to exchange a pair of waders for Tom. The exchange took a while, so I snapped some pictures. Here’s a wall with mounted fish.

On the opposite wall were mounted wildlife.

And then I spotted him! The uncle from Napoleon Dynamite! Check it out!

I swear it was him. I was looking at him saying, Why do I know this guy?
Update: Unless this guy was wearing a toupee, it’s not Uncle Rico. I did some research, and this is the real actor, Jon Gries (notice the crome dome).

Silverton Aquarium
Attached to the Bass Pro Shop is the Silverton Casino. Inside the casino is an incredible aquarium!


There’s also the Mermaid Bar. Above the bar, is a jellyfish tank.

After staring at all the sea creatures, and making our way around the impressive tank, we headed back home.