Fiverr Review

Posted on July 20th, 2010 by Jean

Fiverr is a new site where you can offer or purchase services for $5.00. Fiverr makes money by keeping $1 of every sale. There is no fee to open an account, and no fee for placing an ad.
Offering your services is simple. Just fill in the blank.

Within 24 hours of placing my ad for photoshop services, I received four job offers.
• Job One ~ Create a banner for a website.
This client was easy to work with. He provided a sample, dimensions, favorite colors, and a vision for his end product. I created his banner and allowed for two revisions. He liked both samples, and asked if he could hire me to create an entirely different look for $5.00. I declined, but he contacted me a week later, saying he liked my work the best, and hired me for one more revision.
• Job Two ~ Create a button for a website.
It was a little trickier understanding what this client needed. He directed me to two “iffy” websites. One site had multiple pop-up windows, and the other was a blank template. He finally sent me a jpg of what he wanted, which I easily recreated. This is a good time to note that Fiverr is not responsible for any viruses you may download.
• Job Three ~ Photoshop a sign.
The client provided one of his real estate listings, asking me to change the business signage. I didn’t feel I could do so believably, so I turned down this offer.
• Job Four ~ Create 5 banners.
This client wanted 5 banners in various sizes for her gecko related website. She really expected more than what I was offering, so I turned her down.

One year ago, I paid CartoonMe $5.11 to cartoon me, and to be frank, it stunk. (Original post here.)
I thought I’d try my luck at Fiverr.
I browsed the ads, found an artist, placed my order, and paid through Paypal.

The artist’s ad promised completion of work within 4 days. She contacted me immediately and shared that she was extremely busy. Five days after placing my order, she claimed her Paypal account was frozen, and canceled my job.
My second artist offered to transform me into a Spongebob character. One day later, well under the deadline date, Beck sent me this work of art.

I love it!
If you want to hire Beck, click here. For all the ins and outs of Fiverr, check out their website here.
• Can you see yourself using Fiverr?
• Can you see yourself as a Spongebob character?

Blogging Notes 8

Posted on July 21st, 2008 by Jean

It is Monsoon Season in Arizona. All of a sudden, the blue skies turn gray, the storms blow in, and the rain begins to fall. Yesterday morning, Pearl grabbed her paper parasol and headed outdoors.

When the rain had subsided, she gathered up some leaves and brought them into the house. She placed them on a pillow, and covered them with a tissue to warm them. She’s such a thoughtful child.


Remember a few weeks ago when I got the Vulcan nerve pinch at the hair salon?

Well, when my head was in the bowl, my hands went numb. That sensation went away, but I was dizzy for a week. I finally broke down and told Tom. He thought perhaps I had pinched a nerve and should see a chiropractor. I made an appointment, told them my story, had x-rays taken, and went for my follow-up visit. The chiropractor informed me that a normal spine curves in 3 places.

I guess I don’t have my curves in all the right places. My neck is straight and almost bending the opposite way.

This isn’t my x-ray, but an example I found on Google Images.
This condition can apparently be caused by spending a lot of time in front of a computer (go figure). Now I face a month of chiropractic care with x-rays taken again in August. I’ll be sure to snap a picture next time! Just seeing my bra’s underwire in the x-ray is reason enough!

Tom and I spent most of this past weekend painting our pantry. I had found a grain bug in my cereal and on a cracker. I will spare you the disgusting photos! We tossed out everything from the pantry that was opened, and wiped the pantry surfaces with Murphy’s Oil Soap. Then Tom had a brilliant idea. Let’s paint the pantry! It was a putrid pink color thanks to the original owners. I don’t know why we hadn’t painted it sooner. Anyway, it is now a crisp, clean white! Tom also suggested we buy a frosted glass door with the word Pantry on it. I think that will look splendid.

I even bought air-tight containers for cereal, rice, potato flakes, and bread.

I’d like to leave you with the whimsical images of Balloon Dogs by artist Jeff Koons. Wouldn’t you love to have one of these?! I know I would!