4 Little Words Keep Readers From Straying

Posted on November 6th, 2010 by Jean

You’re losing readers. Inadvertently, but none the less, there they go. You asked them to check out your friend’s blog.
“Click the link!”
So they did. I did.
I’m all for a good pimp. Believe me, my pimp hand is strong.
Your friend is great! I comment, check out their profile, and follow them on twitter. Your friend (my new friend) is pimping their friend’s website. I follow the bouncing link, and feast my eyes on a beautiful portfolio. Click on one? Why sure! Now I’m all wrapped up in an apron aficionado’s blog, drooling over apple recipes. Yes, this really did happen.
So now my break is over, and I’m closing windows. What should I see at the back of the group? Your page!
After meandering all over the internet, I forgot to leave you a comment!
How can you prevent me from wandering off and not finding my way back? Four little words: target equals underscore blank.
Inserting a little bit of html behind your links will open a new window instead of directing people away from your sight.

This holds true with buttons, links to Twitter, FaceBook, and blogging groups. Edit their code. It’s easy!

• Do you use these four magical words?
• Do you ever wander so far off the beaten path, you forget where you started?