Fleshing Out My Name

Posted on January 17th, 2014 by Jean

Day two assignment of Zero To Hero recommends fleshing out my name. I don’t foresee changing my blog’s name, but allow me to go into detail of how I chose the name, “Jean Has Been Shopping”. In 2006, my sister said, “Try MySpace. It’s fun and new.” I signed up, and waited for the fun to begin. It didn’t. Where was the fun? Took me a while to discover it, but I finally found fun in the blogging community. I thoroughly enjoyed reading blogs, and was inspired by the antics and honesty of my new-found friends. I felt that I could blog too!

myspace icon photo myspaceicon_zps8347438e.jpgNow on MySpace, we didn’t use our real names. Unlike FaceBook, I would never have spelled out my first, middle and last names. MySpace prompted you, when signing on, to share what you were doing or how you were feeling. I would fill in the status with, “… has been quadding”, “… has been napping”, “… has been SHOPPING”.  Nine times out of ten, my status had to do with shopping, so the status (and name) stuck!

On December 21, 2006, I published my first post simply titled, “Online Sales”. It read, “Napastyle is having their year end sale. They have such nice items.” Can you believe I hit publish on that drivel?! No links, no photos, just two sentences.

Although my blog used to be about shopping, it has evolved over the years into a feel-good site dedicated to humor, family, friends, travel, photography & videography.

Through this wordpress challenge, I’ve expanded my tagline from “wife, mom, business owner, blogger” (yawn!) to “40+ wife, mom, publisher wears rose-colored glasses in the Southwest” (perk!). I’ve also added the Tag Cloud widget so you can see at a glance the tags I use most.

• How did your blog get its name?

• Do you use a tagline?

• Tag Cloud widget – fan or foe?