Strange River Sightings

Posted on April 19th, 2009 by Jean

We launched the boat Saturday with two goals:
1) take pictures of riverfront homes for local real estate agents;

and 2) give the girls some *beach time*.


We did come across two things we didn’t expect! The first strange site was a riderless jetski. It’s anchor was a submerged boat whose green hull glowed brightly under the water’s surface.

Now, somebody, please tell me what the heck lives in this rock dwelling? Notice the huge blotch of white poop low on the cliff just below the cave opening.

Here is a close-up of the cave opening.


There were no rubber ducky sightings.

Thanks for reading!

Ducks Run Amuk

Posted on March 21st, 2009 by Jean

Spring Break began with promise of sweet adventures! Natalie volunteered to watch the classroom bunny, so Friday afternoon Shakespeare joined our little family.

Saturday morning, I made a big batch of pancakes. Sure, I planned to fill our bellies, but I also wanted to put a pancake on Shakespeare’s head ala this little internet sensation.

The bunny wouldn’t cooperate, but we had all week. Right?

After breakfast, we headed to the local Duck Derby. Tom was recruited to help launch the 5,000 rubber duckies into the Colorado River. This was a charity event which raised $20,000 for The American Cancer Society.

Our first hurdle was waiting for the river to rise enough for the boats to launch. The event was scheduled for 10am, but the water wasn’t high enough until noon. Our second hurdle was agreeing where to dump the duckies. Original instructions declared the pipe line as the dumping zone. We made our way to the pipe line, following a boat carrying a few of the event coordinators. To our surprise, the boat continued up the river, depositing two ladies & two babies off at a beach. The men in the boat yelled for us to dump our duckies here, way up river! Didn’t seem like a good idea, but who were we to argue? In go the duckies!

Tom driving our boatload of ducks.

Aerial of the Colorado River.

The idiot who had a harebrained idea.

Instead of catching the flow to float across the finish line, the ducks swirled towards the Nevada shores, nestling into the tulies and beaching themselves on the sand.

Jet skiers, kayakers and canoeists attempted to herd the wayward duckies towards the Arizona finish line.

Herders (ya, right!)
We scooped up about a dozen ducks in a net, and dropped them just upstream of the finish so that winners could be declared. We then spent the next 2 1/2 hours scooping ducks from the river.

Event coordinators are now urging the public to help retrieve ducks from the river. The coast guard has threatened to fine the event hostess, Loretta of Lazy Harry’s Bar & Grill, $50 per duck for littering.

Actual reward is 1 raffle ticket per duck. Prize undetermined.
We would have returned to the river, but we became infected with THE FLU. We have never in our lives been so ill! Although I lost 5 lbs and Tom lost 20, I would not recommend the flu to anyone!

More disappointing than not being able to scoop ducks, is running out of time to put a pancake on Shakespeare’s head!

How was your Spring Break?

Fresh Beach

Posted on April 15th, 2008 by Jean

The opposite of Burro Poop Beach would have to be Fresh Beach.
I love these satellite images from google maps!

Before making our way to the fresher beach on Day 3, Tom had to do a bit of work. Part of Tom’s job is to take photos of houses for our clients’ ads in our real estate magazine. That morning, we had gotten a call about a riverfront house for sale. So our first stop after launching was down river a bit.

Isn’t that pretty? I’m sure it has a pretty price tag too!
Once we arrived at the beach, the kids built more sandcastles.

Tom even got into it. He likes to build the moats.

Here Joy puts sunscreen on Cimber’s back. Kind of looks like he’s doing a dance, huh?

After a few hours, we ran out of liquid beverages, so we scooted down river to Lazy Harry’s for lunch.

I put a couple of photos together so you can see our view.

Lunch was delicious!
After lunch, we made it back to our house, quickly showered & dressed just minutes before our babysitter arrived. We took our guests to the comedy show at The River Palms Casino in Laughlin.

It was a good deal, $14.95 per person. The comedians were pretty good. Not rip-roaring funny.
That concludes Day 3.