Healthy Favorites

Posted on September 10th, 2013 by Jean

I’m back to eating healthy, trying to lose a few lbs. prior to a special event in October. (More on that soon!) Here are the food choices I’m making:
Oikos Dannon Yogurt photo Oikos_zpsafb5b552.jpgDannon Oikos Fat Free Greek Yogurt – Only 120 calories per serving, and sinfully delicious. I choose vanilla and top w/granola sprinkles. Greek yogurt has 2x the protein of regular low-fat yogurts.
Nature Valley Protein Crunchy Granola – Available in Oats ‘n Honey or Oats n’ Dark Chocolate. 210 calories per 1/2 cup, and 10g of protein. It’s a very tasty topping for yogurt, or a good snack in general.
LaraBar Cherry Pie photo Larabar_zpse06d6981.jpgLaraBar Cherry Pie – I bought a box of snack-sized Larabars. One 0.78 oz fruit & nut bar has 90 calories and zero sodium! How many snacks can make that claim? The cherry pie flavor is very good, tart and moist.
Blue Diamond Smokehouse Almonds – I’ve been a smokehouse almond fan since I was a kid. They are smoky, salty and delicious. Their seasonal flavor, Rosemary & Black Pepper, is very good as well. 170 calories per serving (approx. 28 nuts).
Healthy Choice Soup photo Soup_zps44869815.jpgHealthy Choice Country Vegetable Soup – In microwavable bowl, ready in 90 seconds. There are 2 servings per can, 100 calories per serving. This soup has a delicious broth, full sized kidney beans, large cubes of potato, slices of cooked tomato and celery. It’s a filling lunch with great flavor.
McDonald’s Premium McWrap – I know, McDonald’s. My girls enjoy eating there typically once a week. I finally decided to indulge in a McWrap, and they are just as crave-able as their burgers & fries! You can order it alone (without fries & a drink). The Crispy Chicken & Ranch has 580 calories, but now that I’ve seen their sodium count (1290mg), I’d better find a Mc-Alternative! ::: gulp! :::
Subway Sweet Onion Teriyaki on Flatbread – You know I’m serious when I’m choosing a flatbread instead of a loaf of frenchbread! Subway let’s you calculate the calories based on your choice of bread & toppings. Mine comes out to 380 calories per 6″ serving. With sodium at 900g, it’s (dare I say?) healthier than the McWrap.
water photo water_zpsf334b14b.jpg I guess that would be water. I haven’t quite figured out my dinner alternatives yet. Having a cold is keeping my cravings at bay.
• What is your healthy dinner choice?
• Do you have a special occasion on the horizon?

Ten on Tuesday – Travel

Posted on September 28th, 2011 by Jean

1. What is your dream vacation?
At this point in my life, it would have to be a family trip to Disneyland.

2. What has been your favorite trip so far in your life?
I love traveling with my sister. She always has the best ideas. My favorite would be the time we stayed at Paris Hotel in Las Vegas to play tourists, visiting the Star Trek exhibit at the Hilton, enjoying a comedy show, grabbing a quick bite at P.F. Chang’s, breakfast of sweet or savory crepes or fresh sourdough bread from one of Paris’ bakeries.

3. If you and one of your best friends could go anywhere in the world for one week, where would it be and why?
I’m slightly infatuated by Chicago right now. As a reality t.v. fan, Giuliana & Bill’s episodes praising what a great city Chicago is has left me with a craving to explore what it has to offer.

4. Have you ever booked a trip using an online deal? How did it go?
I’ve purchased airline tickets, booked hotels, bought amusement park tickets, and rented cars, but never purchased a whole deal. It always goes well.

5. What’s your favorite thing to do while you’re on vacation?
I love to shop and to eat, but eating wins out by just a bit.

6. Have you ever missed an opportunity to take a trip that you regret?
I can’t say that I have, thankfully.
7. You travel far away from home and get stranded with no way to buy anything, what’s the one thing you can’t live without?
My camera would be the one thing so I could at least capture memories.
8. What’s one of your favorite traveling memories?
I have so many, it’s difficult to choose. Probably a very recent memory of San Diego, sharing ice cream cones with my daughters.

9. All included resort or backpacking? Why?
All included resort. I’m not big on outdoor activities.
10. Are you more of a lie on the beach kind of person on vacation, or do you prefer to see the sights?I’d prefer to see the sights. In my youth, sure, I would soak up the rays. But now I want to get out and experience my destination.
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All The Cool Kids Are Doing It

Posted on July 19th, 2010 by Jean

If Crunchy Betty jumped off a bridge, would you jump too?
No, but when Crunchy Betty puts food on her face, you want to follow suit!
The genius behind Crunchy Betty is brunette beauty, Leslie. Leslie woos us with succulent photos, fascinating facts, and the benefits of bypassing our mouths and smearing food directly onto our skin.
Now before you peel that banana and do a face plant, I recommend you check out her site for honest to goodness recipes.
The glistening goo on my face is equal parts honey and almond oil with a droplet of Vitamin E oil. After rinsing, I glowed like a nubile virgin. My goopy face is now on display at the Gallery of Crunchy Betties.
Get your cameras ready and head to your kitchen or pantry.
• What food will you put on your face?
• Is that your head next to mine in the gallery?