Update Post

Posted on February 8th, 2011 by Jean

Helloooooo! I have been gone for far too long, and I’ve missed you. So much has happened in the past month, and what follows is the recap.
First off, our oldest daughter was finally accepted to a local, private school. She had been on the waiting list for four years, and being accepted was like receiving a golden ticket. You may or may not be familiar with the drama we experienced at Montessori, but we are pleased that she excelled at public school and made the transition to this private school with ease.
Our business is branching out. We will be unveiling a new publication in the very near future, and I cannot wait (but must wait) to give you a sneak peek! Stay tuned for that.
Everyone and his brother is sporting tri-colored hair in our town. Not that there’s anything wrong with that. It’s just, well, my wonderful stylist gave me that look three years ago. I loved it! I rocked it! I admit, I hadn’t been doing much with my hair lately, even letting my sparkles (greys) shine through. But when I saw the town awash in this new trend, I felt it was time to head to Vegas for some much needed treatment.
I parked my butt in Brooklyn’s chair and told her my dilemma. She recommended I try the ombre look. ::: Perk! ::: I’m all ears! Go on.
Ombre, as in dark roots, lighter ends. I love it! Now I notice others who are wearing this look.

Are you watching American Idol? When my husband saw that Steven Tyler was a judge, he tuned it and is loving it. He cannot believe the size of the crowds, and wonders how they pack all those auditions into two days. This is only my 3rd year of watching, and I do like the chemistry of Steven, J.Lo and Randy.
The Super Bowl has come & gone. I didn’t have a favorite team nor really a favorite commercial. Fergie’s mic wasn’t working very well, and Usher’s pants were too baggy in the crotch. Shout out to my girl, Sherri, for dancing around with a box on her head. She rocks.
• Hair – what’s your secret to looking so fresh?
• American Idol – why do you/don’t you watch?
• Super Bowl – name your highlights and lowlights.

Farewell Montessori

Posted on August 14th, 2010 by Jean

Two weeks ago, I was blinded by fury. I’m no longer mad, and can again see the benefits of the Montessori school system.
Our daughters have been on a waiting list for a local, celebrated academy. Montessori also receives high accolades for teaching and socializing children, but they have a hefty tuition whereas the academy is free. While on the wait list, we placed our children in Montessori. Our oldest daughter attended kindergarten through first grade while our youngest attended pre-K in the spring of 2010.
This past June, we received the call from the academy that our youngest had been accepted to start kindergarten. We were overjoyed! This bumped our oldest from the middle of the second page, to a prime slot on the first page of the wait list.
When I phoned the owner/teacher of Montessori, I was told since both daughters were not attending, our oldest daughter was not welcome. She feared the discussions our daughter would have with the other students, and talks we would have with the other parents. Our good fortune of attending the free academy could poison the waters of her private school.
A child who had done nothing wrong was being punished, leaving her friends and curriculum behind.
Thus our oldest was thrust into the public school system. To say my stomach was in knots would be an understatement. Her new campus was immense, complete with gym, cafeteria, media room, playgrounds, multiple grade levels, and even a school nurse. Montessori, in comparison, was a 2-room schoolhouse, intermingling grade levels from pre-K to 3rd, sharing one playground, one certified teacher and a few aides (parents).
Now that we have two weeks under our belts, I can safely say that Montessori did teach both of our daughters sound reading, math and social skills. This solid foundation will carry them well into their future. They love their new schools, are eager to learn, and have adapted well.
Things Montessori did NOT teach my children:
1) How to navigate a large campus.
2) How to establish a hot lunch account, and enter their 4-digit pin to pay for meals.
3) How to bring home school books.
4) How to do homework.
5) How to share food with your friends.
6) How to take a bus.
7) How to borrow books from the school library.
8) How to use a backpack.
9) How to hunt for ghosts in the school bathrooms.
Speaking of #9, I can’t believe Bloody Mary is still around! Who perpetuates that rumor?
• If you were a ghost, would you hang around a smelly, school bathroom?
• Have your children surprised you by adapting so well to a situation?
• Do you adjust well to change?

School Recital

Posted on May 22nd, 2008 by Jean

About 2 months ago, we enrolled Natalie and Pearl in Montessori. It’s a private school with a great reputation in our community. The kids have enjoyed it immensely, and have learned a lot even in these few weeks. We survived a few bugs and got through our first ear infection.
Well, Wednesday was their last day of school. In the evening, we attended their very first school recital!

They joined their class onstage to sing Itsy Bitsy Spider (in English and in Spanish), Baby Bumble Bee, and a Duck song. We were in 7th heaven!

Proud Dad
Here are the girls after the recital. I love how proud Tom looks!

Bumble Bees
Here are my smiling bumble bees!

Here are a couple of pics from Tom’s camera.

I’m there, in the background. I’d post another pic, but I looked like psycho-mom! I must have been excited or nervous for the kids.