Fire & Water

Posted on April 21st, 2011 by Jean

Our backyard changes with the seasons. In the fall & winter, the fire pit brings us warmth and toasty marshmallows.

In the spring and summer, the fire pit is replaced by a swimming pool.

Our signs of spring include the tortoises coming out of hibernation, my husband getting zebra feet (which is a whole other blog in itself), and the appearance of the pool.

• Are you seeing signs of spring?
• Do you take goofy underwater shots?
• Does your backyard change with the seasons?

Boating on the Colorado River

Posted on April 13th, 2008 by Jean

Day 2 of my friends’ visit, we went boating. We found a great little beach in the Topock Gorge area which we dubbed Burro Poop Beach.

But Jean, why would you name it Burro Poop Beach?
Because of all the burro poop, that’s why!

Here my friend, Joy, swats at all the poop. I had to act fast ‘cuz she was really going to town!

The kids donned their Swim 1-2-3 suits and Natalie did a bit of wading.
Pearl found the water to be too cold, so she sat onshore and guzzled Gatorade.

Tom and Cimber watched the Lake Havasu Jet Boat Tour scream by.

I enjoyed beachtime with the kiddos.

The wee ones made sandcastles.

After a few hours, we jumped back into the boat and headed upstream.

Before taking the boat out of the water, we had lunch at the Topock Marina.

(Not my photos.)
That concluded Day 2.