Friday Flip Offs

Posted on August 27th, 2010 by Jean

Friday Flip Offs is the brainchild of my friend, Kludgy Mom. It’s my pleasure to take part this week.
To my husband, flip off! I can no longer store the cocktail glasses you are intent on collecting from casinos. Our cabinets overfloweth. Did we really need the complete set of Fat Tire glasses? Or the Dos Equis ones? We don’t even drink those beers!
To my housekeeper, flip off! That might seem insensitive, especially since you are recovering from a heart attack, but why can’t you return my calls? I am calling to see how you are doing, not to lament over my filthy house. Are you feeling better? Put your feet up. (Call me.)
To the lady in line behind me yesterday at The Cupcakery, flip off! I wanted to try that orange julius variety, but not after you told everyone (ok, maybe just your friend) how disgusting the flavor was, and how it didn’t sit right with you. I couldn’t bring myself to order it with you eavesdropping behind me.
To the sudden burst of wind and rain in Vegas yesterday, flip off! My gawd, couldn’t you see I just had my hair done? You tousled it every which way and back. Not to mention the show you forced me to give as you got all up in my wrap-around dress. Geez Louise, you suck.
• Who or what are you flipping off today?

Elvis Cupcakes

Posted on October 8th, 2009 by Jean

Maybe we shouldn’t be turning to Elvis for culinary inspiration. Regardless, The Cupcakery has transformed Elvis’ Bacon, Peanut Butter & Banana Sandwich into this Trip To Graceland cupcake. I’ll admit I was anxious to taste it.

I arrived an hour before closing, and bought one dozen cupcakes including the last 2 Elvi (plural of Elvis) available.

When I returned home with the goodies, my eldest daughter spotted an Elvis and called dibs. Her verdict: thumb up! Youngest daughter also took a bite earning Elvis his 2nd thumbs up. Hubby said he’d sample it in the morning with a side of eggs.

After seeming enamored with Elvis, the girls became bored and wandered off. I saw my chance to pounce!

• Bacon topping ~ crisp and smokey.

• Banana cream frosting ~ oh so sweet and banana-y!

• Chunky peanut butter cake ~ FAIL. No PB flavor. No chunks. Dense and dry, like cornbread.

I took a bite, wanting to try the combination of all 3 flavors. That didn’t help. The salty bacon and creamy banana trumped the weak peebee cake. I didn’t Love It Tender. I wished I had a Blue Hawaiian to wash it down. Anyone want a half-eaten cupcake? I was afraid of that. Return to Sender.

• Would you try the Elvis cupcake?
• How could this cupcake be improved?
• What other combinations would you like to see in a cupcake?

The Cupcakery has locations in Nevada and Texas.