A Dose of Reality

Posted on October 1st, 2011 by Jean

There’s not much I like more than being sucked into a reality show. I have a real addiction to mind-numbing reality t.v. I’ll record my favorites when they’re not on hiatus, like Project Runway, Flipping Out, Giuliana & Bill, Worst Cooks in America, RuPaul’s Drag Race, Next Food Network Star, and Design Star.
This week I caught three shows that were new to me. The first was Nail Files. Nail Files stars an entrepreneur, Katie Cazorla, as she builds her business, The Painted Nail, a boutique salon in southern California. As I tuned in, she was confronting a thieving employee and trying to fire her publicist all while launching her new line of nail polish. Her bubbly personality kept me enchanted whether she was greeting a celeb. who happened to stop by, or showing her fiance how to use his new Shark steam machine. I’m rooting for Katie to make it.
Nail Files airs on TVGuide Network. You can catch three episodes Sunday, October 9th at 11am EST.
The second show I caught was Sweet Genius. Oh my goodness, the host is a visual freak. I was distracted by how much eyeliner and mascara he was wearing. Then, when he opened his mouth, nothing but snobby remarks with a french accent emerged. Who’s the genius? Why do we care?
Sweet Genius is hosted by Ron Ben-Israel. He dares the entrants to create a dessert with unusual required ingredients inspired by objects which in no way resemble or remind one of a dessert. For instance, using potato chips, brie and dragon fruit, remind us of a pair of high heels. No matter what is presented, he’ll lift his bulbous nose and declare it unfit for human consumption. Yet, at the end, someone is crowned the Sweet Genius. Don’t waste your time.
Sweet Genius airs on the Food Network Thursdays 10pm/9pm central.
The third reality show I caught was Lizard Lick Towing. One word: scripted. I hate the obvious script in reality shows. The key players are Amy, Ronnie and Bobby. We can just lump the guys into one because I really couldn’t tell you who was who. Scene 1: Ronnie Bobby has to fly to Florida to repo. a boat because his scrawny little repo. friend can’t attempt it on his own. As Ronnie Bobby arrives at the beach, little friend calls and requests immediate help. Ronnie Bobby putt around on a boat for about an hour before spotting the delinquent boat owner. Cutting to the chase, Ronnie Bobbie leaps from a jet ski into the boat and tosses the driver overboard. Unbelievable. Meanwhile Amy is being yelled at by a couple whose car was towed at a company party. Her water breaks (did I mention she was pregnant?), and the verbally abusive couple apologizes and calls her an ambulance. Ronny Bobby catches the next flight home in time to kiss his new baby girl, Maggie May “Magpie” atop her scrumptious little head. Total waste of time.
Lizard Lick airs on TruTV Mondays at 9:30pm EST.
• Have you been sucked into Reality TV?
• Name a favorite and least-favorite reality show.
• Would you give any of these three shows a chance?

House Hunters International

Posted on June 22nd, 2011 by Jean

The other night I caught a marathon of House Hunters International. HHI follows people to foreign lands, shows them three suitable dwellings, one of which is chosen, and then fast forwards a few months to see how they they are doing.
HHI Mumbai was particularly interesting. It featured a woman from Australia, Sharrel, who vacationed in India, met a short DJ, had a world-wind romance, married the guy, and was moving to Mumbai. Who hasn’t fallen for a DJ while on vacation? Anyway, we followed the couple around the city. DJ Mc-Shortstuff loved the pink and purple interior paint of house number one. Sharrel preferred white, and asked incredulously, “You really like this?” House (or rather, apartment) number two had only one bedroom, but did have an incredible balcony. It looked like something from an Indiana Jones movie, covered in vines, with crumbling buildings nearby. DJ suggested turning the dining room into his studio, and we cut away to see him spinning records on a turn-table. ::: swoon! ::: House number three seemed like the winner with extra bedrooms for guests or DJ’s dream studio. While the couple mulled their decision, they visited Mumai Beach with ten thousand other people cooling off and watching the sun set.

Sharrel and Dj Puff-n-Stuff stopped for a street drink, DJ’s favorite, mixed with real banana, coconut and grit (ok, I made that recipe up). DJ slurped it down while Sharrel took a sip and called it “interesting”. Finally the moment of decision arrived. Sharrel pointed out the advantages of house number 3. DJ called out, “Number Two!” The sun set as the couple stood five feet apart from each other. Moving forward, we saw they really did enjoy that big balcony, and rounded up some rattan chairs to sit on. DJ Dancing-Machine did not turn the dining room into his studio, and lamented that he must visit his friend’s house to practice. Don’t get rusty spinning that vinyl!
No way could that couple still be together, I thought. She moved back home where they have dishwashers, white walls, and toilets that are separate from the shower. She put that little summer fling behind her. Nope! She hasn’t! She has her own blog, Diary of a White Indian Housewife, writes for a living, and is still happily married!
The next episode, HHI Singapore, featured two brothers, Karl and Kris Chong. Karl gave up his day job as a New York banker to move to Singapore and start a shopping website. My kind of guy! His younger brother, Kris, put his college education on hold to help a brother out and party with the ladies. Kris wanted either the downtown apartment (close to the action), or the penthouse suite overlooking the harbor. Karl wanted an inexpensive dump so he could put more money towards their business. They considered their decision in the Singapore Flyer, a giant ferris wheel.

Tick-tock, tick-tock. Karl controlled the purse strings, and I for one was not surprised he picked the dump. Fast forward to see Kris running out to meet with clients, and Karl in his craptacular office from morning to night.
How did they do with their shopping website?

I’d say they did okay. How much do you want to bet they both have penthouse suites now?
• Do you watch House Hunters International?
• Do you ever wonder what happens next in the lives of these hunters?
• Would you ever appear on a reality show?

Podcast U

Posted on May 2nd, 2010 by Jean

I did it! I started an iTunes podcast. It was easier than I anticipated, and some helpful links are posted below.
I’ve only subscribed to one other podcast in my life and that was CNN Robin Meade‘s. She airs behind the scenes antics & interviews. Being a podcast newbie, I don’t know what is normal or expected, so will just put my spin on it.
REALITY with Jean Has Been Shopping, so far, revolves around my family. If anyone else would like me to stalk them with my Flip video camera, I’d be more than happy.
I really want my husband to take his Flip to his favorite hangout bar because some of the stories he tells are so juicy! In the meantime, here is Episode 1 / Pool • Time.

I cannot recommend iMovie enough! This week I learned how to create a freeze frame (control + enter). Reminds me of those 80’s shows that always ended on a cheesy still.
Helpful Links
• Podcasts can be hosted for free at BlipTV.
Warning: Some of the videos are explicit.
• BlipTV can submit your podcast to iTunes. Prior to submitting, create a 600×600 image for your iTunes cover art. iTunes Podcast Technical Specs can be found here.
• To view and/or subscribe to my iTunes podcast, click here.
1) Have you tried podcasting?
2) Do you subscribe to any podcasts?
3) What do you feel a podcast should feature?
4) Would you allow cameras into your home?
Thanks for reading!