Trick-Or-Treating Old School

Posted on November 1st, 2013 by Jean

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Last night we took the girls Trick-Or-Treating, door to door, old-school style like in our youth. This was the first time for our daughters who have in the past collected candy along the Laughlin Casinos’ River Walk. To say they were nervous is an understatement. We had to encourage them to ring that first doorbell. They got such a warm greeting, that it made subsequent bell ringing a breeze! Most thanked the girls for visiting, and some took photos of them. A few doors had a bowl of candy or colorfully bagged treats placed on the stoop.

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We dubbed Pearl, “Aunt Sam” after one resident asked if she was Uncle Sam. Natalie stood wobbly on one leg in her flamingo pose after being mistaken too many times for a showgirl.

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Tom met a pooch dressed like him.

Tom and I got a little misty-eyed watching our daughters enjoy Halloween the way we did when we were young. Although I must say, we never approached doors as exquisite as these! We really marveled at the beautiful homes in this private, gated community of Majestic Crest. We have clients here who allowed us access. One hour on one street and the girls’ bags were filled as were their hearts.

How was your holiday?

Halloween Costumes 2013

Posted on September 14th, 2013 by Jean

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When the Halloween catalogs arrive, my daughters pour through them in search of the perfect costume. My eldest decided on the flamingo outfit without hesitation, even offering to buy the headpiece with her own money. My youngest had been vacillating between a cupcake fairy and a lollipop fairy, when she spied All American Miss. Her decision was made, and she paid for her accessories (hat and choker) too.
Seems like just yesterday they were Disney Princesses.
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• When do you start searching for the perfect costume?
• Store-bought or homemade?
• Scary or sweet?