Halloween Costumes 2013

Posted on September 14th, 2013 by Jean

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When the Halloween catalogs arrive, my daughters pour through them in search of the perfect costume. My eldest decided on the flamingo outfit without hesitation, even offering to buy the headpiece with her own money. My youngest had been vacillating between a cupcake fairy and a lollipop fairy, when she spied All American Miss. Her decision was made, and she paid for her accessories (hat and choker) too.
Seems like just yesterday they were Disney Princesses.
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• When do you start searching for the perfect costume?
• Store-bought or homemade?
• Scary or sweet?

Podcast U

Posted on May 2nd, 2010 by Jean

I did it! I started an iTunes podcast. It was easier than I anticipated, and some helpful links are posted below.
I’ve only subscribed to one other podcast in my life and that was CNN Robin Meade‘s. She airs behind the scenes antics & interviews. Being a podcast newbie, I don’t know what is normal or expected, so will just put my spin on it.
REALITY with Jean Has Been Shopping, so far, revolves around my family. If anyone else would like me to stalk them with my Flip video camera, I’d be more than happy.
I really want my husband to take his Flip to his favorite hangout bar because some of the stories he tells are so juicy! In the meantime, here is Episode 1 / Pool • Time.

I cannot recommend iMovie enough! This week I learned how to create a freeze frame (control + enter). Reminds me of those 80’s shows that always ended on a cheesy still.
Helpful Links
• Podcasts can be hosted for free at BlipTV.
Warning: Some of the videos are explicit.
• BlipTV can submit your podcast to iTunes. Prior to submitting, create a 600×600 image for your iTunes cover art. iTunes Podcast Technical Specs can be found here.
• To view and/or subscribe to my iTunes podcast, click here.
1) Have you tried podcasting?
2) Do you subscribe to any podcasts?
3) What do you feel a podcast should feature?
4) Would you allow cameras into your home?
Thanks for reading!