Pre Halloween 2013

Posted on October 27th, 2013 by Jean

Halloween 2013 photo Halloween2013collage_zpsec49f005.jpg

We finished a long week of work, and promptly got into Halloween mode. First stop was Target for pumpkin carving kits and a lovely lemon meringue scented candle. Then we stopped at Smith’s for pumpkins.

Tom cut openings in the tops of the pumpkins with a knife and a power tool. It was a little loud for the kids. When the smoke cleared, the girls dug in to remove the seeds. Pearl found three seeds that had sprouted, and we planted them outside. I rinsed the remaining seeds, then boiled them briefly in salted water prior to baking. They turned out great!

We fed the pumpkin pulp to one of our desert tortoises. He seemed to like it. I love the pic of him, and uploaded it to CNN iReport Weekend Express. We’ll see if it airs.

This is the first year that the girls didn’t require or ask for any help carving their pumpkins! Big achievement; I’m marking my calendar. Their pumpkins turned out darling, if I do say so myself.

We just found out that the casinos are NOT hosting the Trick-or-Treat event this year. Big bummer. Tom has a plan to drive the kids to a nice area of town and ::: gulp! ::: let them go door to door! We were just talking about this over at Ron’s blog (visit him, he’s great).

 photo 9d87fad1-1ad5-43e2-9742-37630b17b4b3_zps7168046f.jpgOn another light note, a Fall Festival was held at the kids’ school Saturday night. I was working, but Tom brought the girls. Not only did they have a fantastic time, but Pearl won first place for Most Creative Costume!

• What are your Halloween traditions?

• Did you go to or host any costume parties over the weekend?

No Tricks, All Treats

Posted on November 4th, 2010 by Jean

My husband, the great white hunter, ran off to Williams, Arizona to look for Bambi, leaving the kids and I to fend for ourselves this past Halloween. My sister, upon hearing the news, volunteered to help me out, understanding the difficulty of combining Trick-Or-Treating, photography and cocktails. If anyone could pull it off, it was she!
On Halloween Eve, we carved pumpkins. The kids were troopers, but their little arms were clearly challenged by the whole poking/carving shebang. It was Team Mom & Pearl against Team Aunt Sunny & Natalie. Pearl and I were slow & steady, never losing our focus.

Natalie changed her stencil three times before ever lifting a tool. She declared it “fun” when Aunt Sunny took over carving duty.

By the end, Team Pearl was victorious for finishing first, Natalie was crying, and Aunt Sunny was armed and semi-dangerous. (Don’t hurt me, Aunt Sunny, for posting this picture!)

Fast forward to Halloween Night. The kids donned their super hero costumes and allowed me to staple the fake boots to their real shoes. Then we went Trick-Or-Treating at the casinos. Imagine entering the casino and filling your goody bags with chips. Nice! Ok, now wipe that image from your mind, and picture the reality. Ground level hotel rooms decorated in spider webs, black fabric, skeletons and ghouls. Hotel guests dressed in costumes handing out candy from their patios. Only in Laughlin?

The kids hit most of the displays in a 45 minute span, filling their satchels half way. We hoofed it back to our car, conveniently parked at the tiniest casino on this strip, the Regency. What can I say? Parking is plentiful, and the gift shop gives treats.

Back across the river to Arizona, we headed to Chili’s. The hostess handed us a “BOGO” coupon, allowing the kids to eat free. Apparently our server didn’t get the memo because he tacked on the extra ten bucks. My sister’s eagle eye spotted the discrepancy and saved the day. Look how else she saved the day, with refreshing margaritas.

Told you she could juggle it all.
• How was your Halloween?
• Is carving pumpkins overrated?
• What’s the best thing you ever took away from a casino?

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